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Patti-Karen and LouAnne!

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Scrum Sisters Studio members;
Karen Watson - mixed media artist
Patti Cook - mixed media/textile artist
Lou Anne Sybenga - fiber/textile artist 
Nancy Walsh - mixed media artist

A gallery for each Artist can be accessed at the top menu bar under their respective names. We are uploading all the time, so please bookmark and come back to view.

Interest in purchasing?  Go to our contact page and/o our facebook page make note in the subject line the name of the piece (or describe as best you can in the body of the email) your wish to purchase or request for more information and we'll get back to you asap! 
Some of the Artists will have a link on their main page that will take you to their personal online storefront to purchase directly. 

All pictures are the property of Scrum Sisters Studio and are protected by copy-write. You cannot use !

Who we are:

Scrum Sisters Studio is a group of 4 Artists, each with a long resume of experience in their chosen field. We began meeting as a group in the latter part of 2009 and found that together we mentor, engage and learn from each other to improve, inspire or add to our own body of work!

We entered our first juried Art exhibition shortly after as "Scrum Sisters Studio" group.  Each one of submitted an art piece and each one was accepted! Three out of four members also won in three categories, First Place, Award of Merit and the People's choice Award! That outcome was synchronic proof we were on the right path collaborating as a studio group, so it was only natural to put our presence out on the web as well.  It's a presence and will only improve over time

We chose the name Scrum Sisters Studio because of it's implied message.
In Rugby a scrum is where all the players are interlocked in a large huddle to gain control of the ball.  Each player has a part to play in the outcome of that.  It's also a software tool used in project management  towards a team based environment.

4192 Petrolia Line P.O. Box 1461, Petrolia, Ontario | 519-344-0360

Welcome to our space on the web! 

Stay awhile, visit our individual pages and tell us what you think! 

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Our Approach

We each approach our work independently and with our own unique perspective.  It could depend on the day, what our frame of thought is at the time.
Art, really is always about the passion and desire to create and to share that with the viewer or for personal pleasure only.