These images have the best descriptive data to correlate to our bodies Chakra.  (It does not matter if you promounce it with a "sh" or a "ch" there are many schools of thought on that, but it's really not important in the bigger picture!

To get further information on the properties of these energy systems/centers that are present in our bodies please visit this site or Google search the topic "Chakra centers explained" there is some great information out there.  I own the book Layayoga: The definitive guide to the Chakra system .  Enjoy. 

I have to say that these are a guidelines only and to let your higher self guide you.  There are different schools of thought of the Chakra system regarding stones and colors, however, I personally used the color spectrum as the correct colors for each energy center, it only stands to reason that would be the case on this level of physicality.  There is also further study that has revealed that there are actually 12 chakra centers, 1 through 6 for our physical body, 7th for the Auric/spiritual connection  and 8 through 12 for the more advanced levels of spiritual/metaphysical levels.  It is said that as people advance spiritually the extended energy system automatically begins to tune in. There are of course differing opinions on these too, some practitioners believe all twelve chakras  are on/around the body. See below for a basic start to cleanse and energize your chakras.

Follow this basic meditation to help recharge and clear your chakra's, when you become comfortable with it move to a more comprehensive approach to clearing your chakra centers.  I always recommend the Layayoga book!

Sit in a comfortable position with back straight and legs crossed if you cannot do the "pose" no worries, just cross your ankles.  If you are holding a chakra bracelet, necklace or separate stones for each chakra, begin now with the Red Stone. (Black stones are equally good, see chart above)
Once comfortable, begin an organized breathing, deep in through the nose hold it and then let it out through the mouth slowly.  Concentrate on the breathing.

Counting slowly sometimes helps in getting the body relaxed.  Once you have breathed this way for a couple of minutes visualize each muscle group getting primed by your inner light.  

Then get into a position as mentioned above and begin to breath in.  Visualize your 'root' chakra as a bright ball of red (or black) light and as you focus on this beautiful light, you are breathing in good and pure cleansing energy, As you breath out, visualize all/any "dis-ease" out of your body and it dissipating as it hits air.

Now, see that chakra point get really bright? and perhaps bigger? Move that energy to the second Chakra point, the Sacral, which is orange. All the while breathing slowly and deliberately bringing in the energy to cleanse and renew your energy centers.  Repeat all these steps at each Chakra point, visualizing each as a bright ball of light in their color all the way up to your crown Chakra...bring in a large breath, hold and let it out hard.

It's important to breath deliberately and slowly, at first you may feel a little heady, if you are not used to breathing like this, but over time it will get easier!  When you breath fill your lungs to the brink, bring it all the way into your belly, let your belly raise and then hold for the count of three and then exhale.  Some practioners, use the nose all the way through, some use in through the nose out through the mouth.  I don't believe there is a difference one way or the other as they both seem like a natural action, however, try to get used to the nose breathing, that is what it is there for. Enjoy!