We had our first public 'showing' from our studio space on July 13th and 14th (2012).  
The annual Art in the Park Petrolia was being held thatweekend and normally we participated, however, our creative space was right across the street, so we figured, why not host our artworks right from the studio and save ourselves the booth fee. This space is an empty loft above the owner/and member Karen Watson 's Store. Karen has a wonderful business below (Petrolia's Mercantile and Tea- purveyor of gourmet teas, coffees and gifts) on the main floor of this historic building.  
The loft has been sitting vacant and used as storage and Karen offered the space for us to use for our weekly gatherings.  

We began meeting there in 2009 and as our little group became more acquainted we eventually formed our studio group and now here we are.

The ambience of the space is perfect!  There is no plumbing or electricity, only what we wire in from their apartment across the hall. It's huge approximately 30' wide and 80' deep and such fun it is to create in there!  
We enjoyed the time spent there, but have't been there in some time, hopefully in the future we may be able to do it again!

The day we had our show and sale we also invited two guest photographers/artists to show with us. Jean-Yves Hoden (will check the spelling of his name) and Marie.

The following pictures were taken in the early morning before everyone came, but it sure filled up fast! Too busy to take pictures!