My life career, or, I should say, the job that put food on the table for years, was as a drafting/designer for various Engineering companies, with the longest tenure (24 years!) ending in 2009 due to downsizing.  I have decided to retire from that field and go back to my artistic roots. 

I have been an artist all my life and have taken numerous course over the years in art history, watercolors, pencil and pen and also a graduate of an arts distance education course.  I have taken many workshops over the years under the tutelage of some great artists in watercolors, colored pencil, abstract acrylics, mixed media and textile art.

I have a very long portfolio of past commissions of painted store fronts, murals for schools, theater  charity, residential, work as well as commissioned art pieces, quilts and jewelry.  For many years all my art work was commission only and didn't enter into any art competitions until 3 years ago. 

I love all things art (this is my mantra!) and one could actually say I am a master of mixed media! 

It's also a compliment to my ADD type personality,  I don't like to be put into a box , a stereotyped artist and I'm easily distracted by pretty shiny things!  :-)  

I have also been a rock-hounder (One who collects rocks and minerals, especially gemstones, as a hobby.) since my childhood, and that love of semi and precious stones and minerals led me ultimately to begin using them in jewelry design and assembly. However, it's not just the beauty of the stones that I adore, it's also the metaphysical benefits of stones as well.  

There is a link on my main page that will give a list of the primary stones that I use and their properties.

My love of textiles,( natural fibers especially) quilting, painting and stones is my niche.  

I truly love all things art and try constantly to come up with a work or a piece for someone that will be caught by it emotionally in a positive way.

I am also a student of life. I'm studying for a doctorate in Metaphysics and hope that I can make a difference in someones life with the knowledge and teachings I receive from this field as well. 

After all, I believe art is a spiritual gesture, it comes from a place inside that requires life in order for it to express its full potential.  Learning to connect with the greatness within, opens up a communication with a higher self and only good comes out of a union such as that!  

Thanks for stopping by!