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July 9, 2019

We celebrate 2 years at our new studio!

July 9, 2019

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2016 Onward Ho!

January 15, 2016
Started the year off right at fellow Scrum Sister, Karen Watson's for New Year's Eve.  Karen is an amazing host and the small group we had gathered there were tight! We had such a grand evening. 
The next day my partner and I went to our local Art Gallery,  The Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery to view the infamous Beaverbrook Collection.  I never tire of this.  It was my 4th visit there and each time I see something new.  On my first visit there of course I was like a wide eyed child.  I ent...
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Upcoming events

August 23, 2015
So as I alluded to the earlier post, we have a busy fall.  We participated in a first friday venture in downtown Sarnia a couple of weeks ago painting the local flora in a community garden.  This was a great opportunity to get ourselves out there as a Studio Group and also to market our upcoming solo exhibit in October.
We will hang our pictures from this past event in the upcoming September First Friday, so that gives us another opportunity to get our faces out there.
I also have a art show an...
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New Logo, Upcoming Exhibits and shows! Busy, busy!

August 22, 2015
Hi all!  This is the portion of our web that I need to be on top of...we get used to posting on our "Fan page" on Facebook and forget about our "spot" on the web at times.

We've re-designed our logo using a modified "scrum" symbol.  We made up some postcards for an upcoming exhibit to be showcased for the whole month of October!
I have 4 shows lined up three in October and one in November, so it's work work work time!  I love it,but would love it more if I didn't have to go to a J.O.B and I can...
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Blogging Beast! - You Can Make Money Blogging

September 26, 2013

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June bugs!

June 18, 2013
Hi Everyone!  Wow!  time is really getting away from me!  I've been very focused with my online endeavors and my part-time job, so much so that my arts have suffered a little set back!  I am however, finishing up on projects that have been sitting around for awhile.

Scrum Sisters will be getting ready for another outing, we spent a great weekend away on an island in a huge house of one of our gal pals.  Wow, beautiful island and beautiful homes, sure gets the dreams flowing again!

I'm adding a ...
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February Fabs!

February 20, 2013
Hi Everyone!  First I want to post the stones for the February birthday folks and they are:|February Stones for the Birthday Girl!
Amethyst, Amber, Blood stone, Cat's Eye, Jade, Crystal Quartz, Aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate and Peridot! Check out what the metaphysical benefits on Patti Cook's page!
The winter has been on and off, the temps are just as crazy!  Two days ago we were above freezing and all the snow from the weekend melted, then today the winds came blowing through and the temps. drop...
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2013 and onward!

January 11, 2013

A Happy and Prosperous New Year!
We hope this next trip around the sun brings us all happy surprises and world peace!  Yes, it can happen!

No debriefing or plans made for us this year.  We best get going though if we're to get booked into some of the more prestigious Art Fairs.  Will have to scrummage for those applications, things get pushed around during the Christmas holidays.  Did that just zoom by, or is that just me?  It's already Jan. 11 and I have only just got used to the holidays bein...
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The end of 2012!

December 30, 2012
And that's all that happened in December!  We are fast approaching the last day of December and the Scrum Sisters and their hubby's will be celebrating it together on the eve of the old and the new year!
December flew by with the gals so busy with sales, exhibits, work and home life!

Here's to 2013!
On behalf of each one of us in our Studio Group "We Wish you a Prosperous and Healthy 2013!"

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