A Happy and Prosperous New Year!
We hope this next trip around the sun brings us all happy surprises and world peace!  Yes, it can happen!

No debriefing or plans made for us this year.  We best get going though if we're to get booked into some of the more prestigious Art Fairs.  Will have to scrummage for those applications, things get pushed around during the Christmas holidays.  Did that just zoom by, or is that just me?  It's already Jan. 11 and I have only just got used to the holidays being over!!
This weather keeps up the way it has this week and we'll be planting crops soon.  Wow, so mild and yet out on the east coast their hunkering down for a winter storm.  We're looking for 10 Celsius this Saturday, crazy!  But I like it! It means no salt on the roads and eating the underside of my truck. Hoping the old gal will keep running for awhile.

Karen will be kicking her heels up in Taiwan next month, Nancy will be attending a dog show in Florida perhaps, LouAnn will be wrapping up her exhibit in Toronto this month and I (Patti) will be working away at my personal blogs and Internet Marketing investment.  Blog everyday and get others to do it too and get paid for it.  Love it.  I'm always on the Internet.  I probably spend as much time on the Internet as I do at a job.
Even when I am doing my art work, I have the Internet on listening/watching a video or seminar.  Always learning.
Well, until next time!  

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