Cannot believe it's the 8th of July already and we are WELL into summer!  The heat wave crossing over our country is proof of that!  Above normal temperatures have people pining away poolside or lakeside for sure! 
Already the Art in the Park Petrolia event is coming up fast.  This Friday the 13th (lucky 13, just ask the Chinese!) and Saturday the 14th will be an exciting time for us.  It'll be the first time we will have hosted a 'showing' in our studio!  So excited for that!!!  The downside is I (the writer for this blog is Patti!  :-)  have to work three full days this week leaving me little time to do the last minute pressure creating that I so love to do!  Tsk, Tsk, tsk...I really should plan better and learn to create without pressure. This is a hard habit from the corporate days..
This part-time venture working in a major chain Custom Frame shop and Art Instructor has me going to two full days of safety training. They have selected me to be the "worker" representative so I need the certification.  Sh*t. thought those days were over...
Well, the count down is on.  Wait for pictures. Please let us know that you stopped by!