WT-A??? What the eh?  :-) What happened to April and May?? We had an Art fair in May, great morning, slow afternoon. But you know? It's always great when you can make more that what you put out for the day and the bonus is meeting and networking with new friends!  And that's what happened.  Patti represented at the Art Fair and as always loved the "networking" aspect of it. (she's one of the Scrums that LOVES interacting with people!) so the day was well spent.  We are now busy trying to get our studio back into shape and get down to 'hanging out together' we've not been able to do that for a few months.  Got a show coming up in July, Petrolia Art in the Park.  If you're in the vicinity of http://www.town.petrolia.on.ca/ on July 13, 14th then check us out too. Wonderful artisan's. This year we are not in the park but in our studio across from the park, above Petrolia Mercantile and Tea (FABULOUS place for old time candy and wonderful one of a kind gifts and gourmet foods).....stay tuned.