Wow, things have been quite busy for the girls this month and we can hardly believe that it's almost over!  One of the "Scrums" is hosting a "disco-themed" costume party this year for Halloween!  Should be a blast!  It'll be in the studio where there is tons of room, so let the party begin!
Patti was involved in the Greenhouse Artist Studio Tour a few weeks back with much going on for her there too!  She was the coordinator this year for the Community Culture Painting.  This is where a "theme" for an upcoming charity ball or gala is incorporated into a painting that will then be auctioned off with proceeds to charity.  This year DeGroot's nursery will be hosting a charity gala with the theme "Dancing Under the Stars" So a painting was 'STARted to give it a foundation and where strangers could contribute to it and it will have some appeal when it's done, so someone will want to buy it!
Patti also entered her large Needle Felted Artwork into the annual Brigden Fair.  She did this at the suggestion of a co-worker and she thought it was a great idea to get some exposure on her work.  A call came from friends the weekend of the fair to tell her that her artwork received a FIRST place award in the fine arts division!  So, it's been a good month.  Weather is changing and everyone is in the "nesting" mood, but we'll have some more news coming for sure, so stay tuned!  
A Petrolia Artist is facillitating another exhibit in Petrolia and has asked the Scrum Sisters to participate in this as well.  This will take place in November. There is also an upcoming Art Walk (Christmas theme) and Christmas sales, however, the most exciting event will be when LouAnn's work get notice at the textile event.  
Okay that's that for now, will catch soon